Empowering Insurers + Enterprises

to quantify cyber risk.

Built upon MITRE’s Threat Informed Defense, Protos Labs’ Next-Gen Cyber Risk Intelligence Platform empowers:

  • Brokers
    Increase cyber insurance sales and take-up rates. 
  • Reinsurers
    Assess enterprise risk profiles for underwriting.
  • Enterprises
    Optimize your cyber investments to achieve “bang for buck”.


Insurers and Enterprises struggle to quantify cyber risk in monetary value. This has led to billion dollar losses in the cyber insurance market and the ineffective deployment of cyber investments by Enterprises and Small and Medium Businesses. Organizations struggle to quantify risk due to 3 key reasons:

Too Expensive

Existing approaches require hiring expensive consultants to build bespoke models and huge teams to sustain programmes.

Too Specialised

Organizations cannot find talent and skillsets across statistical modelling, AI and cybersecurity required for cyber risk quantification.

Too Static

Current solutions rely too heavily on historical loss datasets and cannot keep pace with the rapidly changing threat landscape.

Our Platform – NEXUS

Nexus is a cloud-based Cyber Risk Intelligence (CRI) platform that helps insurers and enterprises rapidly quantify their cyber risk exposure in monetary terms, while providing proactive cybersecurity services to alert them before a breach happens.

Our models combine advanced statistical models, Artificial Intelligence and a proprietary threat-based approach built upon MITRE’s Threat-Informed Defense strategy.

Our technology automates much of the cyber risk quantification process and empowers you insights to take action. Be it underwriting, selling of cyber insurance or optimizing cyber investment.

Our Differentiators

Risk Quantification Track Record

Existing solutions are light in areas of threats and controls. This results in shallow analysis that do not accurately capture risks. At Protos Labs, our founders are ex-Booz Allen cybersecurity experts who have successfully implemented cyber risk quantification technology for global financial services and defense clients.

Superior Threat-Based Approach

Existing assessment approaches assume all organizations are susceptible to the same threats. This results in gross inaccuracies. At Protos Labs, we analyse threats at scale and leverage advanced threat modelling techniques to breakdown threats into their component parts for accurate analysis. This is done for each organization and informs right-sized risk estimation.

Tailored for the Asia-Pacific Region

Existing historical cyber loss datasets in the market are largely focused on Western organizations, with costs that differ greatly from Asia Pacific. At Protos Labs, we leverage our intelligence heritage and expertise to estimate cyber losses tailored to the Asia Pacific region.

Nexus’ Use Cases

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Use Case #1 – Optimization of Cyber Investments

Given limited resources and a myriad of cyber threats out there, organizations need to maximise their investment dollar to ensure they are getting the most “bang for buck”. Nexus performs different risk permutations on your cyber investment portfolio to enable maximum risk reduction within your specified budget.

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Use Case #2 – Underwriting for Cyber Insurance

By combining advanced cyber quantification models and active monitoring technologies, Nexus replaces outdated actuarial models to continuously prevent and mitigate risk while offering insurance to transfer anything residual, enabling insurers to increase their cyber book, minimize loss ratios and succeed in the cyber insurance market.

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Use Case #3 – Cyber Insurance Sales Enablement

Business cyber insurance has never been more important to SMES and MNCS, yet selling and renewing cyber insurance is more challenging than ever in Asia Pacific. Brokers lack expertise, customers lack awareness and insurers find it hard to differentiate from their competitors. Built on the same advanced risk quantification technology, we empower brokers and agents to accelerate sales by communicating risk in dollars and cents and increase renewals by advising clients with concrete recommendations that reduce premiums.

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